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Introduction to the Museum

This is a general museum covering the fields of cultural sciences (archeology, history, folklore and pre-modern art) and natural history (geology, zoology and botany) . Permanent exhibitions consist of a General Exhibition, Departmental Exhibitions and La Plata Memorial Hall Exhibition. The General Exhibition, based on the theme of "nature and history of Tokushima," moves chronologically beginning with the birth of the Japanese Islands in a way that enables visitors to understand the history and natural features of Tokushima. The Departmental Exhibition treats various sub]ects in detail. La Plata Memorial Hail displays specimens of extinct animals from South America that were donated by La Plata University in Argentina. This museum also conducts public educaiion activities in which anyone can easily participate. These include making earthenware vessels, outdoor nature observation, and preparation of specimens.

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Tuesday - Sunday 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Mondays (except national holidays), December 28 - January 4
When a national holiday falls on Monday, the Museum is closed on Tuesday.

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